As of Wednesday 25 November 2020, all persons attending the track will need to check in using a QR (quick response) code. This is a more streamlined process and should be quick and simple for people to use.
Each race track will have its own unique QR code, which will be prominently displayed at the entrance to the kennel block at each track, along with other locations including boxes for trial days. The GRIU COVID Compliance official at each race meeting will also have a copy of the QR code.
As participants arrive at the race meeting, using the camera on their mobile phone, point it at the QR code and click on the link. Complete their details requested and hit SUBMIT. The details required are as follows –
First name
Last Name
Mobile number, and
Participant number
Once these details are entered ONCE, they will self populate for all future scans, so you only need to hit SUBMIT, to record further attendances. If participants experience difficulties in using the QR code system, the GRIU COVID Compliance official will be on hand to assist.
The QR code process will allow GRV to maintain an accurate record of all persons in attendance at race meetings, should it be required for any future contact tracing purposes. The system is designed to enable GRV to respond quickly and efficiently to any government request for attendance data. It is about protecting the health and safety of all persons attend greyhound race meetings.